Tuesday, November 10, 2015


We are alive.  We are well.  We are busy!  At least 25 times a day I think of my neglected iPhoto backlog and blogposts piling up in my phone notes.  I need to force myself to get caught up!  With the boys' sports and school activities, the holidays coming up, and Ellery growing up before my very eyes, I know I am going to want to get things posted in a more timely manner!  Soon... Updates will be coming!  Everyday life is just full of living!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

FIVE Months Old!

Ellery Catherine you are FIVE months old!

  • You are 14 pounds 13 ounces.  You wear 3-6 and 6 month clothing and size 2 diapers.
  • You have TWO teeth!  The bottom middle two came in when you were 4 months and 5 days old.
  • You are the happiest baby.  Anytime someone talks to you you give them the biggest smile.  You are so sweet and put on a show for everyone.  You are always smiling, laughing, and babbling.
  • You like to give kisses.  If I make a kissing sound or kissy face you put your hands on my face and pull in for a kiss.  It's the sweetest.
  • You can roll completely around.  You are a multi directional roller and roll all over the place.
  • You are a great sleeper!  You sleep about ten hours a night.  You like to be ready for bed around 8-8:30 and will wake up usually sometime between 5 and 7.  If I don't have to get up yet I can give you a paci and turn your sleep sheep on and you'll either fall asleep or just kick around in your bed quietly.  You still sleep in the pack and play next to me.  I keep saying I'm going to move you but I like having you there :)  Once you are proficient at locating and putting your paci in I mayyyy for real move you.  Maybe.
  • You usually take a little nap in the morning and a longer nap from lunchtime until school pick up time.  This is ideal on days where we don't go anywhere- but they are limited!
  • You love your paci still.  It usually calms you down and buys me some more time to get things done if you start to get fussy.
  • We switched your swing from the fuzzy swing to the glider one.  You like it because it goes faster and I like it because it has shoulder straps so you don't lean out the side anymore.
  • You like to sit in your bumbo and highchair but you don't eat any food yet... still a few more months before we get into that.
  • You like your jumperoo and your play mat.  You are very interested in toys and like to pick things up and examine them... and then promptly stuff them in your mouth.  I can usually give you a toy to hold and you will shake it around and play for a while.  Daddy says your brothers never were this interested in toys at your age.  
  • You are always drooling and chewing your hands.  
  • You are so much better in the car now!  You usually sit happily unless you are tired/hungry/ or have a (rare) dirty diaper.  This means most of the time you are happy on the way out and unhappy on the way in.
  • You still love soft things.  Anytime I give you your little sheep you rub it on your face and instantly calm down.  I can't wait for cooler weather when I can snuggle you in a blanket.  You'll love it.
  • You like to look at yourself in the mirror.  Now you try to reach out and touch your reflection and see who's there.  You are always leaning and rolling to reach toward things.  You set your sights on things and you try your hardest to get them.
  • You like to stand up and are so strong.  If I hold your hands you will stand for a while just babbling away.  You stand on your own strength- I just have to keep your balance.
  • You like us to sing itsy bitsy spider to you. 
  • You are a good girl and never pull your bow off.  I keep it on you all waking hours so I am pretty sure you just think it's part of your head and leave it alone.
  • You have taken quite the interest in my phone screen.  You are always liking all kinds of things on facebook and instagram.  They need an "are you sure" feature built in for social media liking!
  • You are a joy and we love every minute of the day with you!  Five months already!

Stink eye... you were not up for a photo shoot.  We tried four separate times today.

Can't even.

Eating hands.

Grabbing the sign...

Trying to escape.

Requiring a paci.

Do not even think of touching this paci.

Five Months Old!


We had a late night last night with the baseball game.  Quinn woke up at 1:30 yelling for me because his ear was hurting.  No fever at all though so back to bed he went.  I was slow getting out of bed this morning and remembered we had to be out the door 15 minutes early for See You at the Pole!  I ran upstairs to get the boys up and found them both asleep in Madden's bed.



We had a great turnout for SYATP.  It is hard to get word out since nothing can come from the school but all these people showed up!  By the time we were done I would say close to 60-75 people!  Love seeing so many of our teachers and staff members outside.

Waiting to get started

Ellery is 5 months today.  Taking her pictures was a task.  She was not having it!  After she was done I left her in the plain white onesie... she looked like a little boy baby :)

Quinn made it through the school day without a fever but around 4 it spiked up.  His ear is really bothering him so I am going to have to bring him to the dr in the morning.  Madden said he was NOT missing AWANA so I brought him all by himself.  It was very strange for just him to be gone.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday Fun Take Two

I love coordinating outfits ;)

Crazy kids

Madden and Cerly took off running to chapel holding hands.

Running down the aisle

We continued Tuesday Fun today!  Tanna, Melissa, and Tammy met here to run and then we went to Panera after for lunch and Ashley and Audra joined us.  I love lunch with friends- it could be my favorite activity.  If I'm going to keep lunching with friends so much I better make running my new favorite activity.

Mya's mom texted me while I was getting showered between running and lunch to say she was eating with Mya at school and they wanted Quinn to join.  I said of course and he got to eat lunch with his bff.  They aren't in the same class this year and I don't think either of them are happy about that!

Melissa and Tanna and the lunch babies.

She loves Heath!

After lunch we dropped Tanna's car at school and rode together to do a little shopping.  I needed a specific color bow to match Ellery's dedication dress.  One Stop Bow Shop has every color under the sun so we knew that would be the place to go.

She loves a good bow!

She also likes her feet.

School pickups, homework, and then a 7:30 pm baseball game.  The late games are rough.  Only one more 7:30 start to go.  The rest are at 6.  Red Sox played great and won again!

Coming in to score a run!