Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Still no baby :)  I figure I'll just start with that.  She's overstaying her welcome and probably getting quite pleasantly plump.   Maybe she'll be dainty since she's a girl.  Maybe.

After we got back from walking Quinn to school I opened facebook and saw this.  I can't believe it's been two years!  Madden was still such a tiny babe and Quinn was the same age Madden is now.  It goes way too quickly! Way!

I had to run to Kroger to get a few things.  Madden always asks- where are we going this day?  My little sidekick.  In the car he said- dad is at work and Quinn is at school.  I asked if he liked being with just his mama and he said yes.  Good answer :)

After dinner we headed to baseball practice.  Quinn ran right through that puddle of mud in front of that bench so I have  muddy sneakers on top of my washer right now begging for some attention.  Madden loves going to practice and games to play with his girlfriend Brynlee.

We came home and Justin had gotten home while we were gone.  I threw the boys in the shower and we got them into bed as quickly as possible.  Late nights make me itch- I feel an extreme sense of  urgency to get them right to bed as soon as we get in the door.  Now I am sitting down with a gourmet dinner of a sandwich and reading about this weather event for tomorrow.  Is softball size hail ever necessary?  Bleh.. Hopefully none of the supercells roll through here!  Not really in the mood for a tornado this week.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Another Week

Mondays are a lot easier when it's sunny and bright :)

And when you have such a sweet face to look at!

I had my 40 week doctor appointment this morning with not a thing to report.  Blood pressure- good... Heart rate- good... nothing to do but continue to wait!  Now if we wait another two weeks we'll have to do something about that.  Until then I'm sorry to bore you all but we'll just keep on waiting!

After lunch my friend Kyla brought over a gift for baby.  It's super cute so I'd rather just wait and post pictures of her actually wearing it!  It's always fun to get tiny baby things.  I went and hung the headband on her bow holder and put the little outfit away.  So cute!

This little has been so good today.  He's just so funny and sweet.  He told me he wanted to be big  like me and daddy so he could go outside by himself and get his own food.  Makes me sad- I want him to stay this age forever.  He has the cutest little voice and just says the best things.

We went to get Quinn at school...

And then since mama's feeling lazy today we watched some shows...

And they had some iPad time while I made dinner.

Justin worked until the boys were in bed so we indulged in some dessert to make us feel better... animal crackers and icing.. done and done!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Backyard Boys

Today was another uneventful day here mostly revolved around eating and hockey.  The boys ate lunch outside- still in their pajamas.  When they were done they asked if they could have a snack.  There was a bag of Doritos that they picked out like two weeks ago that pretty much had some crumbs left in the bottom... so I sent them outside and let them have at it.. because why not.  They were covered in cheese dust after that so they each went upstairs and picked out their own soft clothes.

The grass was still super muddy so they had to play on the patio.  They played in the water for hours. There's a Brian Regan bit about staying out in the yard.  That's what we did when we were kids and I like when my kids just play outside without fighting or me facilitating any kind of activity.

Three little dogs waiting to come inside... 

Tomorrow starts another week.  Let's just keep checking them off until we get to sweet summertime!  This week we have practice, AWANA, Quinn's school musical, baseball game... and possibly a baby??? Who knows at this point!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Stormy Saturday

We had some storms last night so the fields were wet this morning and Quinn's game was cancelled. That was pretty unfortunate because it was a perfect day outside!  The boys have been asking to see Home since we saw the preview when we went to Paddington.  I figured today was a good day for that.  Who knows how long it will be before we can all go to a movie again.  They also picked out about 4 more movies they wanted to see from the previews today- we'll have to figure that out.  Home was cute and they have both been reciting lines and cracking up all day.

Our day of family fun continued with some shopping (and lunch) at Sam's and then Kroger.  Madden kept track of all the begables.  He's just the cutest.

We came home and Quinn gave me a note sealed in an envelope that said come upstairs at 3:08.  I came up and he had set up a little game spot with each person's seat labeled so we could all sit and play don't break the ice complete with gender appropriate stuffed animal.

After dinner we went out to get Madden's hair cut.  He got his cut the weekend before last when Justin and Quinn went but the lady did a horrible job and another lady tried to fix it and it just hasn't been right.  It was already growing over his ears and it just looked bad!  While we were in there we heard that all too familiar springtime sound- emergency alert broadcast.  Tornado on the ground about 50 minutes west of us.  We got finished up and headed home... but we stopped for ice cream first!  We got it to go so we could get home and get the car in the garage before the hail came.  We spent the rest of the night eating our ice cream, watching the weather alert that interrupted the NHL playoffs, and eventually recorded episodes of Chopped when the TV signal went out.  Nothing too damaging came of the storms and once the line made its way through the boys went to bed around 9.  Nothing planned for tomorrow- another wait and see day!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Lazy Friday

We made it to Friday! Excited for the weekend.

I told Quinn to let me see his Friday face... then he said why do people like Friday so much.  I said because they know after today it's the weekend and there is no work or school.  He said- well I like school.

I had really nothing at all to do today.  By the time we walked to school the beds were made and the laundry was away... so we came home and I watched Scandal and ate my super nutritious breakfast.  Madden said he was watching Chipmunks downstairs so I should go in dad's tv watching room.  Then he decided he was over that and took out about six thousand toys and brought them in to show me.  After Scandal he requested Disney Jr and we laid around for a while... super lazy.  Quinn has a game tomorrow and that's about all we have to do this weekend other than errands and such.  I guess we'll see what happens!

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Nothing to report here :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sun and Nerds

Saw this when I opened facebook this morning :(
Can't believe how quickly time goes!

I am happy to report that everyone slept all night!  I went up to get the boys at 7 and Quinn was still asleep!!!  That's what coughing nonstop for 24 hours does.  We borrowed some Claritin from Courtney and I think that helped him get some relief to sleep.

I had my last doctor's appointment this morning... well it was my last before 40 weeks. I had to schedule another one for next week since we're still here.  I wonder when it will become tempting to take them up on their offers for being induced.  So far not at all- I want her to come when she is ready!  Doctor wanted to schedule an ultrasound and a biophysical for next week but I told her that was excessive!  Let's wait and discuss that if there is a 41 week appointment.

After my appointment we headed to jump with Cerly, Audree, and Zeke.  I feel like the weather hasn't been cooperating for these kids.  Such a cold winter and now we've had rain or threat of rain almost everyday.

We were so happy to see a full blue sky and sun this afternoon.  Before we walked to get Quinn at school Madden dropped off the Claritin on Courtney's porch.  He felt big but asked me about 39 questions about precisely where he should put it.

After homework we played outside.  It was SO incredibly hot.  I got Quinn's carseat put back together and installed in the third row in the stifling heat... if that didn't push me into labor I don't know what will.


We came in and had dinner quickly before getting ready for AWANA.  Tonight was Nerd Night.  I didn't know how to really explain a nerd to Quinn so I just googled nerd and showed him pictures.  He loved his outfit.  Madden loved his parted hair and kept saying Quinn looks like a different boy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


After drop off I got the beds made and laundry put away and could no longer be awake.  I laid down and slept on the couch.  Two nights in a row of getting zero sleep kind of did me in.  Quinn woke me up calling at 5am this morning.  He couldn't stop coughing.  His allergies are out of control.  I told him I didn't want any emails from his teacher though.  There's nothing I can do and he just has to try and work through it.  It sounds mean but he can't miss school if he's not actually sick.

After I resurfaced from my couch coma I got Madden ready and we headed out to meet our neighbors for lunch.  Leah, Madden, and Jagger played nicely for a while and we were able to sit and talk.

Look at me not at your ice cream...

The rain held off all day so we walked to get Quinn from school

After homework we headed to Sam's club to pick up our new EpiPens and to get some Claritin for Quinn.  He had pretty much nonstop coughed the entire way there.  As soon as we got into the parking lot he coughed, gagged, and threw up all over himself and his carseat.  Soooo we turned around and headed home with no medicine of any kind.  We also are now skipping baseball practice because Quinn has already showered for the night and his carseat is sitting in the garage until I can face it.  Luckily most of the puke is in the crotch strap/buckle which can't go in the wash or be submerged in water (Never ever wash carseat straps!!!) and inside the plastic base which I can't really even reach into.  Excellent aim.