Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday Things

We have other Christmas shirts I promise- 
I wanted to keep them perfectly clean so Quinn can stain them at school.
They will make their debut this week and be worn all next week too.

Now that my cookies are all done and the car situation is handled for good (Dear Lord in Heaven please let this be the end of it.) I have time to get my house in order.  I have been doing about the bare minimum just to keep my head above water these last few weeks.  Every free moment was dedicated to baking, icing, or driving back and forth to repair shops and rental places.  I cleaned up the boys bedrooms and went through all the toys and purged a bunch of stuff to make room for Christmas.  I also put away toys that were babyish.  I had put away the legit baby toys a while ago but now I bagged up things for toddlers.  Big boys, sniff.

Last week Jamie texted me and said- you know there's a Jeep on your porch right?  NO! I did not.  Quinn's Power Wheels was delivered and the guy didn't even ring the bell or anything.  It is in a super obvious package with a giant life size picture of it on the side that was facing right into our front windows.  I tried to distract the boys by telling them to look for something in their disastrous coloring cabinet and ran out to the porch and dragged it into the garage.  There it has laid face down for days.  I was hoping that without the giant colorful photo facing up it would just look like a boring old box. Every time we come in from the car or walking to/from school I shuffle Quinn quickly in the door so he can't see it.  After a near catastrophe this morning I spray painted over the words POWER WHEELS so he wouldn't be able to read them.

This morning during my cleaning spree Madden told me he was a cold little baby and needed to sit with me.  Who can say no to that?  Lately he is always wanting to have a blanket with him.

No makeup, ratty hair, sweetest boy.

After I got him dressed and he somehow ended up without pants as usual...

Quinn came home with another note for Santa that they made in school.  His teacher translated the misspellings in case I didn't already know specifically exactly what he wanted.  I think it's funny he wrote the exact same things as he did on his Santa list he made here.  He is pretty set in his ways... wonder where he gets that from?  He also said that he knows he's not 5 1/2 yet until January 6 but a lot of kids in his class are already 6 so he thought it would be ok to write 5 1/2 since he's so close.  I'll give it to him.

Since I wasn't yelling at them to clean up their mess upstairs like I had been doing every single day for the last month or so we had a nice afternoon.  Quinn worked on some homework and then colored at the counter while I made dinner.

We are SO ready for Christmas break!

 I made mac and cheese for the kids which they already ate.. and got showered, and pajamas on, and started a Christmas movie. I made white chicken chili for us.. Justin still isn't home now at 7 so I am ravenously starving while I wait.  The movie just ended which is my signal it's time to bring them up to bed.  Another day in the books!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Traditions

Here we go! Kickoff to Christmas week at school!  The kids are going to all be out of control I'm sure of it.  We got an extra early start to this very exciting week because I completely forgot about Quinn's Christmas Traditions project... Oops... Pregnancy brain isn't just a myth.  Jamie texted me last night as I was turning on the water to brush my teeth to ask how Quinn's poster came out.  Instant panic.  I had a jaggedly cut piece of black poster board from Army Navy last year and that was about it.  I came back out and printed out a bunch of pictures for him to use.  They were allowed to use magazine clippings or clip art too but I figured we have actual pictures of him participating in our traditions so those work best anyway.  I think it came out great and I don't know what else I would have changed if we had a lot of time- probably less panic and sweating and more details and neater cutting.  We also had no time for glue to dry so double stick tape it was.

So proud of his work! 
I blurred out our card- Those went in the mail today.
You'll hhve to wait until you get one in the mail or I post it here on Christmas Eve!

Quinn's Favorite Christmas Traditions!

It was a beyond rushed morning and I walked him to school looking like this.  Seeing as I had zero seconds to brush my teeth or do anything about this hair or yesterday's slept on makeup I didn't make his lunch either.  I had to make it when I got home and then bring it back up to school.

I went and dropped my car off this morning to fix whatever the heck is still wrong with it.  We took it to a different place.  Lucky for us it's not accident related and we got to spend $1000 getting it fixed.  Just what I wanted to do months before getting rid of it.  Annoying but what can you do.

After lunch we went down and played outside with our neighbors.  A bunch of little boys playing on a trampoline and with wet sand.  They were in heaven. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunbutter Sunday

Ready for church :)

I ordered a box of sunflower seeds from Amazon a few weeks ago (four 20 oz bags come inside).  I was waiting until we ran out of our supply of sun butter and today I made our own from scratch jar.  I put one 20oz bag on a tray and roasted them for 15 minutes on 250- next time I may go a little longer.  I put the roasted seeds in the Ninja until it got powdery then added some olive oil, salt, and sugar and let it blend until it became creamy.  When it was a pretty good consistency I moved it from the big processor container to the single serve cup and blended up really well to get it a little smoother.

I think it tastes better than the store bought kind.
I also think it's fitting that I can store my homemade things in 'Kerr' jars.
I should sharpie on an i at the end.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Army Navy 2014

We didn't have a party or anything this year but we were really hoping for a lucky number 13 win.  It looked excellent at the start but as usual as of the modern era- that didn't last.  Oh well- next year!  We took a lot of cute pictures and made a smorgasbord of fried food from scratch... and then ate it all! ALL.

Gun Show

Don't mess with these tough guys!

Homemade mozzarella sticks, fried pickles, boneless AND bone in wings. SO GOOD!
And yes this was for 4 people.  Two of which are tiny.

We also made some minty chocolate rice krispie treats during half time.
They weren't exactly fine cuisine but the boys could do most of the work and they love helping.

Now tonight we are watching some shows from the week and I am eating a bowl of wings on my lap on the couch.  Class act.

Friday, December 12, 2014


Done with the last 'regular' week of school before next week's Polar Express and Party Week! It's going to be fun.  I'm excited for Quinn.  I hope he is always this excited about going to school and doing all the fun activities that go along with it.

Today I finished my last orders!!! I am taking a break until after Quinn goes back to school in January.  I did not ever imagine being this busy or that this many people would even know I sell cookies no less actually order them. I made Olaf and snowflakes for Cerly and Katie's party.  They came out so cute! I say that about every order I think but I love them.  I love getting to do new things and I especially love orders of 1 or 2 dozen where I get to actually enjoy it!  The big 100+ orders make the big money but sometimes I want to die when I'm only like 1/4 of the way through.   When I finished tying that last bag I literally felt like I had just finished all my finals and was done for the semester.  Free, free, freeeeeee!  Now no one will probably order from me....

I demolished no fewer than 6 snowflakes in the process.  
I dropped them and broke the little ends of of them.

I also have two other Christmas orders ready to be picked up.