Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekend Randoms

I love seeing two sets of little legs :)

Today was a day of stores and running around.  Not very interesting.  We did make a mid errands stop at BJ's for lunch.  Everyone loves deep dish pizza :)

I've been Krogering

Friday, August 29, 2014


We still have no schedule about what is going on at school but Jamie got a text saying that today the kids were doing some special gym thing so Quinn wore his sneakers.  I am SO over these shoes from last year but Justin says you get new sneakers when you outgrow them not just because of a new school year.  I am trying to hold out but I can't really see myself committing to this much orange all year.  We need some other options.

It was cooler this morning because we had a touch of rain.  Madden and I went for a run and then once we got home we walked a few houses so he could walk and I could catch my breath and not die.

Then he wanted to ride his bike and he gave me this lovely gift- a snail.

We made a little Kroger run...

And then it was time for pickup!
Today is Leah's birthday and Madden picked out this Hello Kitty balloon for her.

Justin started a new job today so he got to come home early for pick up.

Then we headed to the outlets and got some Starbucks to celebrate finishing the first week of school!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bounce and Football

Today we progressed even further and just walked the boys to school instead of inside school.  They walked into the gym themselves and (hopefully) found the kindergarten line.

See you in eight hours!

Madden and I didn't run today.  Instead we came home and I showered, dried my hair, and dressed like a normal human being.  I got to wear a pair of the new Walsh shorts I ordered from the Lilly sale.     I got 6 things.  Twas a blessed morning.  I wore my new Iona Shell for the first day of school.

We went to the early childhood PTA kickoff at the bounce place.  Madden is fearless and climbed to the top of and slid down everything.  He also did some localized low level bouncing with Leah.

After bouncing Jamie and I took the tiny ones to McAlister's for lunch.  They were all kinds of wound up and crazy but somehow it is much more manageable with one crazy kid each.

After school we had a snack when we got home at 4 and then pretty much turned right around and ate dinner.  Quinn had football practice tonight and we have to leave around 5:45 for that.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

School and AWANA Kickoff

I'm not sure the daily pre-school photos will ever stop so please get used to them... Also after 3 days we've still yet to get a daily or weekly schedule.  I don't know what days he has gym.  Today he wore his little Crocs.  This footwear guessing game will have to do until I know what is going on.

Big kindergarteners

Today we just dropped them into the gym and they walked to their 'wing' by grade.

Then Madden and I went on a little run.

We came back and played with Leah for a little while and then crashed trucks together on the porch for a while after that.  Madden is such a boy.

Although I thinks he likes being the center of attention part of the day- he always seems excited to go get Quinn.  We got the mail first and he was happy to carry it all to the recycle bin for me.

I have been writing Quinn little notes everyday-  He thought today's was SO funny.  Have you seen that little vine?  A girl is sitting in her moms car- she says I'm in me mum's car, broom broom. Then it pans to the mom and she says- Get out me car!  They think it's the funniest thing they've ever seen.

And not to mess with a good thing we had ice cream cones today again!

Quinn had his AWANA kickoff party tonight.  Justin dropped us off and then went for a haircut- he took Madden with him.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 2

Well we made it through another day of kindergarten.  Today was a world of difference from yesterday.  I wasn't nervous at all, haha.

I so wish they were in the same class,
but we'll have to settle for walking together and recess time.

All the parents were going in
 and no one was directing the kids so we walked Quinn to his class again.

We left right from school to go for a run.  Madden was generally unhappy the whole way but we survived.  He wanted to get out and go to the park, he wanted to feed ducks, he wanted to walk.  I did enjoy the lighter weight of the single stroller and one kid- but I'd gladly push around 41 pounds of Quinn any day.  When we got back Madden and Leah rode their bikes for a little while and then came and colored with chalk in our driveway.

Madden threw a fit about not being able to use chalk in the garage so I dragged him in kicking and screaming and put him in the shower.  He was completely covered in chalk.  While I showered he watched Power Rangers (yes the one from when we were kids) in my bed.  I don't know how he knew what Power Rangers were but he specifically asked for them.  He may kind of enjoying being an only child during the day if it means he gets to pick the shows.

3:30 finally rolled around and we walked over to school to get Quinn.  He seems like such a big kid walking out of the school and coming to find us.  So different from pre-k where I walked him to and from his class every day and signed him in and out.  I have to say I was expecting to be overwhelmed with papers and information but so far in the first two days we haven't really gotten anything :/  I am trying to not be an annoying parent but I want to know what's going on!  We have only gotten district/school wide info so far.  Nothing from his teacher about his specific class.

 Ice cream sundaes after a successful second day.

A lazy meal- breakfast for dinner.

Kindergarten either needs to be two hours shorter so he has time to rest or two hours longer so he comes home right at dinnertime.  Both yesterday and today Quinn has had about 20 minutes after we walked in the door that he was happy and talkative before he lost his mind and became a bear.  Waking up at 5 for the fun of it and then going to school for EIGHT hours is absurd.  They have no snack and no rest the entire time.  Just lunch.  Tonight the boys were in the bath at 6:45 and in bed by 7:00.  It was actually 6:59 when Quinn got in bed and he was unhappy about it- but he fell asleep right away!  We have activities Wednesday and Thursday evenings so hopefully we can keep up with those later nights!

7:00 bedtime and clothes ready for tomorrow!