Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A few quick things-

A few quick things-

I have everything saved in folders that I need to go through and will be updating little by little from the last month- it's all there I just have to get it published.  We are all doing great- just busy as you can imagine!

I am going to have to turn on the little captcha thing to stop spam comments.  Some days I get 30 comments of nonsense.  I know it's annoying and I don't know what suddenly changed but it's driving me crazy!

If you add me on instagram and I don't know you in real life please leave me a comment or something letting me know!  Sometimes I get requests from people with no pictures or profiles and I don't know if they're real/normal people :)

Posts coming up!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Swimmin' Sunday

We got over to the pool this morning before it got too hot.  Justin likes going on weekend mornings at like 9 am before anyone gets there.

Swimming with Papa

Got it!

Only this kid looks and poses midway in the air before landing in the water...

Justin playing catch with his dad...

After the pool we had steak fajitas for lunch and played 75 games of Guess Who.  They also all watched Thor while I played on my phone... I kind of hate all those movies!

She doesn't like Thor either.

All pretty to ride to the airport so Papa could fly back to Chicago.

Back to boot camp and busy schedules in the morning!  Weekends just go way too quickly!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday Stuff

Good morning from this little flower girl!

This afternoon I headed to a girls' lunch and Justin and his dad brought all three kids across to Dave and Busters.  Ellery laughed at this concept but they all survived :)

This afternoon it was time to drag out the water slide again.  They played for a couple of hours before we had to get ready for church.

We got Rudy's carry out on the way home from church.  Ellery screamed for about 40 minutes straight in the car and Quinn fell asleep so it's a good thing we didn't try to eat inside!  Another late night for us!

Friday, July 17, 2015


Early morning Lego session!

Ready to take on the day!

The boys had an early lunch and then we headed out to run a few errands including everyone's favorite- the car wash!  The boys were laughing hysterically because literally as we pulled out of the car wash a giant splat of bird poop landed on the windshield.  For some reason I have no washer fluid??? I never tried to use it before so I guess I've never had any from when we left the dealership.

Justin left work half day and went to pick up his dad at the airport.  We met up at Chuy's for a late lunch.  The boys had sandwiches earlier so they just loaded up on chips and cheese!

These pictures won't rotate and rather than lose my mind over it here you have it.

After lunch we went to Target and then to Kroger... fun and excitement for all!

Papa and the kids

Justin cooked steaks for dinner and then we headed to Purple Berri for some dessert!  The kids love staying up late- and they especially love it when they get to stay up late eating ice cream!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Madden's 4th Birthday

Today is Madden's 4th Birthday!!!

Break my heart, why don't ya, facebook.

It's your day Madden!


They get to pick their theme for their birthday- whatever tacky character themed goodness they want.
The birthday party theme on the other hand, is usually multiple choice format ;)

Birthday shirt time!

I can't even

The Hunk (That's how he says Hulk and I will never correct him, ever ever...)

Superhero moves

Punched the stone.. ow.

Measurement time- 34 pounds and just shy of 38 inches

A Christmas in July miracle- everyone looking and smiling!
Ellery doesn't have a superhero shirt ,
but she has amazing powers of coordinating her hair accessory to any color scheme thrown at her.

Time to bounce!!!

After bouncing I let Madden pick where we all went for lunch... I knew what the answer would be but I let him pick anyway- McDonalds!

Seriously love these kids and their faces.

After trampolines and lunch we came home to play on the water slides and have ice cream!

Around 5 they got dried off and got their clothes back on before Justin got home!  All day Madden was SO excited to open his presents.  I love my kids' birthdays because we make the whole day all about them and their favorite things and people!  They are always so happy and love their special days.

Present time!

His own set of Lincoln Logs

And Inside Out guys

Quinn was so excited for Madden to open the present from him...

Avengers guys- including THE HUNK

My own very scooter!

For dinner we all had Madden's favorite request- sandwiches!!!

Happy Birthday, Dear Madden!

So proud!

Make a big wish, little boy!

Glory be

Talking to all his fans

A quick test run on the scooter.

Four is officially big kid status!  Starting pre-k this year!  I am so excited for him to finally get to go to school.  He's been asking to go for two years since Quinn started pre-k.  Four years with the tiniest bundle of energy and happiness.  Can't believe it!