Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Overnight Staycation!

Whew! We just had THE best time with our friends on a little staycation.  Yesterday Tanna, Melissa, Ashley, and I took eleven kids for an overnight trip to Jellystone!  The weather hadn't been looking good leading up to it but it was perfect!!! Sunshine and warm!

One night.. we went for ONE night haha!

Bitty Baby's first time on a swing!

 Pool Time!!!

Zoe's face in this picture may be my favorite part about the whole trip! Mean muggin.

After all our outdoor activities we went back and got the kids cleaned up and in pajamas for sleepover activities.  We ordered pizza, ate cookies and cupcakes, had a scavenger hunt, played pie face, and had no internet access or phone service.  It was so much fun!  We rented a bunkhouse and all stayed together in one room.  Nothing like 15 BFFs and a baby who stayed up all night!!! Ellery woke up about 10 minutes after the last kid fell asleep and then did not go back to sleep... at all... even a little bit.  I was sharing a bed with Melissa so I did my best to keep her quiet but she just tossed and turned for hours.  It was hot and exhausting but we made it and didn't cause too much of a disturbance.  

Brylee, Ellery, Quinn, Audree, Zoe, Cerly, Madden, Tatum, Cade
We didn't make the big boys get int the picture :)

Pie Face!!


Scavenger hunt! Thankfully we had a LOT of stuff everywhere for the list haha.

Bunk Buddies :)

Audree and Zoe-
I asked her to look, she said I'm trying to watch a show here...

Tatum and Brylee

Madden and Cerly

Quinn and Cade

 Melissa and I are running a half marathon on Sunday so we got in a run while we were together this morning.  There wasn't a lot of road inside the resort so we made the best of it... I had to laugh at this map when we finished.

Goodbye Jellystone! We will be back!

Monday, March 14, 2016


Another sunny day! I could get used to this!  This morning we cleaned out the car.  Everyone's number one choice for spring break activity I'm sure.  There was a lot of junk in there.  Madden also took his last ride in his Marathon carseat.  I put his new Frontier in there today so now he and Quinn have matching seats.  Not a baby anymore.  Ellery is almost 11 months but she's still fitting nicely in her carrier so I won't move her to the Marathon just yet- I like having the option of taking the carrier in and out quickly.  I did order her a new cover from Britax because this one is falling apart.

Last ride in his little seat!

Tanna, Tammy, and I took the kids to the track to run.  We have way too many kids to push on a run when there's no school!  The track is enclosed and they have fun playing with each other so everyone wins!

Walking home on an A+ weather day!

We came home and had lunch.  We tried giving Ellery a cup for the first time.  She didn't love it.


The weather was a little too warm for baseball but we hung out in the playground trying to seek out some shade while the big boys practiced.

Sunday, March 13, 2016


We went to church and then right to Kroger this morning.  Ellery was a hot mess.. especially when I tried to take their picture afterward... always get the picture before.. always!

And WHAT is that?! Sunshine!  We spent the entire day outside.  I ran, Justin practiced baseball with the boys, and we played with neighbors all day long.

And my skin paid the price.
Excuse my crazy curtains- I lift them up when Ellery takes a bath so they don't get wet.

Tonight we are watching AFV and knowing we don't have to get up for school tomorrow!
Happy Spring Break!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Not Parade

Saturday Morning Pajamas!

We got ready and tried to head to the parade in town but there was NO Parking and we were all hungry before it even started.  The weather was ok but we were over it after driving around for 10 minutes looking to park.

Instead we met Jack and Katie for lunch at BJs.  Probably better than whatever food we'd buy at the parade :)