Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow Day!

Snow Day!!!!

Well last night we waited and waited to see if school would be closed.  Right when we were about to just put Quinn to bed and wait until morning we finally got the notice!  It was still before 8pm but on school nights we stick to a pretty strict 7pm bedtime (unless there are activities) and I wanted to tell him before bed what the morning would look like.  AKA I didn't want him waking up and bothering me at the crack of dawn if not necessary.  I don't know if that did more harm than good because when he went to bed he was SO excited to wake up in the morning.

When I went up this morning Madden was chanting hippie-yi-yo and hip hip hooray.. A mash up of different cheers I guess.  Quinn was SO wide eyed and said Mom- it snowed.  Come look out my window.  There is snow covering your car and it is AMAZING.  Bless their little Texan hearts they thought this was monumental.

We were able to keep them inside until around 11 or so when the ice pellets let up.  This wasn't even close to actual snow.  It was ice.  Pellets of ice.  Thundersleet is a new term I learned.  It was weird this morning to hear all the ice hitting the windows and hear thunder.  We all got dressed in our makeshift winter clothing and headed outside.  The boys wore tight pajamas, soft pants, two sweatshirts, a jacket, hat, gloves, and rain boots.  I figured they'd do alright.  Warm enough not to be harmed- but perhaps cold enough to not want to stay out there for hours.

Madden would not stop eating it.  I told him his face would freeze.
He didn't care.

Justin tried to make snowballs for the boys.  It didn't really work.
It wasn't packable snow and it was too cold for the ice to melt at all in his hands to stick together.

We came inside when the ice started falling again.  It stings your face and is generally unpleasant.  Not like a nice slow falling snow.  We had hot chocolate and lunch and spent the rest of the day inside.

While we were eating dinner I saw the school is closed again tomorrow!  It's not supposed to get up above freezing until around lunchtime tomorrow.  We don't exactly have the equipment they have in other parts of the country for clearing roads so we generally just wait it out until it melts.

Tonight we watched the finale of the Kids Baking Championship.  Both boys were pretty interested in the show and it was actually something we could all watch together.  Then Justin and I watched the first episode of The Voice for this season... We never watch the whole season we just like the blind auditions.

Justin is going to make his way to work tomorrow so tonight he went out to check out the street.  Solid sheet of ice.  His plan is to leave super early so no one else is really on the roads.  The rest of us will stay here fighting off cabin fever.

Standing in the middle of the street.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Baby Room and Baseball Gear

Today went by so quickly!  Justin went to community group at 8 and then rushed Quinn over to baseball practice right after that.  I stayed here with Madden and really worked on the last push to get the baby's room cleaned out of all things non baby.  We have 8 weeks to go (give or take) and I am really feeling the pressure to get everything ready now.  After Justin and Quinn got home we brought the piles of things I cleared out to their designated new homes- a lot of things found their place in the trash.  Reality of cleaning out!  Once the room was emptied of random luggage, wall art, and things to donate we put together the crib and changing table!  I just got one of those tiny changing tables because I got her a regular sized adult dresser without a spot for baskets or any of that.  I think it will work out well.  I will probably show the room once it's completely done.  Still waiting on her bedding and dresser- plus I haven't done any of the decorations yet.  Now it's just a crib, changing table, and piles of stuff waiting for organization.

After all of this we got ready and headed out to start the day... and by then it was 1:30.  I felt like it should be around 9 but clearly the morning's work took quite some time.  We headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for a late lunch.  It's no pluckers but it was down in the direction we needed to go.

After that we went to get Quinn a batting helmet and gloves.  I was totally on board with getting him one of the cheap $30 helmets but unfortunately his adult sized head only left us with expensive options.  Madden loved the punching bag- he is constantly punching kicking and hi-ya-ing all over the place.

We went to Kroger after that to get food for the week.  It was a madhouse!  Everyone is apparently preparing to hunker down from tomorrow on when the ice comes in.  Better buy 47 gallons of milk!  The cookie selection today was about as good as it was Super Bowl weekend.

They also pair their book selections in a strange way...

When we got home we headed outside for a little baseball practice until it got dark.  I'm hoping the ice isn't too bad and we're not trapped inside as long as last year.  I don't think it's supposed to be near as bad as the famed 'cobblestone ice' incident we had last December!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Ready for the Weekend!

Gym Clothes Fridays!

It is in the 70s today but it is SO windy that I put warmer clothes on Madden.  He looked so cute.

The painter was supposed to be here between 8 and 12 to paint the trim and wall scuffs so that the movers could bring the furniture back in at 2.  Well the painter came at 3 and didn't actually start painting until 5:30.  Needless to say we had to cancel the movers and hopefully by an act of God they will be here early in the week to move our stuff back in.

Justin got home a little early because he had a off site meeting this afternoon.  We headed outside to practice some baseball.  Madden actually is really good!  He hit a lot of balls without a tee.  I think he is going to be quite the little athlete.

Now it's 6pm and the four of us are sitting in our bedroom waiting for them to be done painting.  18 days after this '5 day' floor fix began and I am very ready to have my house back!!! I have spent way too much time waiting for workers and on the phone scheduling and rescheduling people! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Clean House

The cleaning ladies came this morning and they were an hour early!  Of course I still had breakfast dishes out and laundry folded on my bed.  I hurried around tidying up so they could clean.  Madden and I hung out in my bedroom doing laundry and getting ready until they were ready to come in there.  We met Katie at Chili's for lunch to get out of the way.

I noticed this morning that fishy was laying at the bottom of the tank...  Not floating yet.  I cleaned the tank out yesterday.  They always seem to die after getting clean fresh water- note to self leave them in their filth!  Madden and I took a little trip to PetSmart and with some help from an employee and a little clever distraction I got out of there with a fish and a clueless 3 year old.

This guy better live a while.  I'm sick of replacing disposable pets.

We came home to a clean house!! So close to being done!!! Painters are coming tomorrow morning and movers are coming tomorrow at 2!

I think they were drinking in the media room because everything was crooked and crazy.

We got Quinn at school...

Then we had dinner, showers, and got ready for another day.
Someone likes iPad games as much as the kids...

I also tried to fix my facebook- I don't know what Madden did but all of my ads and sponsored content look like this now...  What is this? How do I get it back to normal?  Ads are annoying to begin with this is just ridiculous.