Monday, January 19, 2015

I love days off!

If every Monday were like this I would LOVE Mondays!  Justin was off and no one was up before 7- well at least no one bothered us before 7.  We got going at a leisurely pace but priority #1 for the day was to get the boys haircut... I couldn't even look at them one more day with their crazy hair.  Mostly Madden- but we have been trying to get them back on the same haircut schedule so it was time for both of them!

Working on the hidden pictures.

After haircuts we mayyyy have overindulged at the donut place.

Excited for sugary treats for breakfast!

We ate our treats in the car on the way to pick up Wrigley.

We picked up Wrigley and then did our shopping for the week at Kroger.  It felt like Saturday so it kind of stinks we are back to school and work tomorrow- but that just means a short week is ahead!  After lunch we couldn't possibly even think about naps and we spent the rest of the day outside.

Two wheeler riding

Ninja Swords!

Gardening. AKA Flinging dirt and woodchips all over with a shovel.

Throwing sticks


Flying the helicopter Steve got them.. You can kind of see it in the peak over the front door.

We had chicken parm for dinner and then baths and bedtime came early tonight.  I said to Justin it feels like such a tease and I am SO ready for summer and carefree days.  It's only going to get more and more structured as Quinn gets bigger and Madden starts school next year.  I miss the days of only having little tiny ones but I love that Quinn loves going to school and church and all of his activities.  Back at it in the morning!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Georgetown and San Antonio

Yesterday morning we left to head down to Georgetown to stay with Jess and Jon!  We made plans to also go down to San Antonio to see Steve and Jen for a bit today too.

We had to of course drop Wrigley off before we left.  He seems to like going to stay at Cindy's and jumps right out of the car when we get there.  I wonder what he talked about with this goat.

We got to Jess and Jon's around lunchtime so we headed back to Hat Creek- why mess with a good thing.  We get to sit and eat and the kids get to play and eat.

After we finished eating we took a little walk down by the majestic San Gabriel.

Got some really cute pictures with the kids...

We came back to the house and smothered Hadley for a while.  She seemed less than thrilled.


We had spaghetti for dinner and Kyle and Kelly came over to join us.  We of course played scrabble... we played couples teams and Justin and I won.. not that anyone is keeping track.  Except we are and we kept score obviously.

Somehow Madden didn't fall out...

Both boys came into our room at 4:09 asking if it was time to get up yet.  Ummmm no.  We took turns telling them to go back to bed.  At 6 I told Quinn he could go down and get the iPads off the charger and that gave us our most restful hour of sleep since 4. 

My kids know that when they are at Jess and Jons they get Fruit Loops for breakfast.  They start talking about it days before we go.  I think it's cute.  When they're big Jess can remind them of how much they loved coming to see her and she'd sugar them up first thing in the morning.

We got ready and headed to San Antonio to see Steve and Jen and meet miss Riley!

We went to the house for a while and then headed to lunch... I'm pretty sure that's all we do with anyone we know.  I love going out to lunch way more than going out to dinner.  We went back to their house after lunch and watched football.  They also gave us a bunch of baby stuff that they got duplicates of so we are a step in the right direction on the baby front!  We pretty much only have our pack and play, high chair, tub, swing, and jumperoo still.  The rest wasn't worth saving or broken in the move.  And of course we are starting fresh with clothing!

We headed back up to Georgetown in the late afternoon and picked up pizza to eat once we got back to Jess and Jon's.  We ate dinner and got the kids in their pajamas to drive home.  We debated leaving tomorrow morning but we didn't want to rush out or waste half the day getting going in the morning.  Justin very rarely gets a day off so we want to make the most of it!

*Breaking* We also may have come up with a name for our nameless baby girl on the drive home after many many weeks of stalemate.  I wanted a name that was pretty, girly, not in the top 1000 but not made up.  Justin ruled out any name ending in the 'lee' sound regardless of spelling.  The struggle is real.  We are going to let it sit for a few days before ordering anything but I think we have it set.  Don't ask because I won't tell :)

Snuzzling sweet Hadley before we left.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Half Day Lunch


Quinn had a half day of school today.  I was walking to get him at 11:55 for his noon dismissal and noticed I had an email from his teacher- all the kids are eating lunch and he's hungry.  What?! Who has lunch on a half day??? I replied and said I felt bad but I just saw the email now.  Oh well... We were heading right to lunch afterward anyway.  I asked Quinn what they did today- they went to gym, watched Mickey Mouse, and ate lunch in their classroom... he was clear to point out that he had no lunch... What a productive school day!

Got to wear my new pants today.
Nothing makes you feel good like spending $200+ on jeans with an elastic waist up to your ribs...
And then wearing them to lunch at McDonalds!

Courtney and I took the boys to McDonalds for lunch.  It was ca-razy in there.  We decided against Chick-fil-A because we knew it would be too crowded and wild with the enclosed small play place.  The darn door always causes problems.  Always!

We decided to wait until tomorrow to leave for our weekend getaway.  Good thing we did.... Justin was supposed to be home at 3:30... it's now 7:30 and the kids are ready for bed and waiting for him still....  Story of my life :)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fat pants, Floors, and Warm Weather

The warmth has returned to Texas.  Amen and amen.  It was so nice to walk to school this morning without freezing.

I had an appointment with the floor company today in Lewisville so I stopped at the Pea in the Pod store right outside of Northpark on my way up.  It was officially time to buy maternity clothes.  I'd say 27 weeks is a good run in regular clothes.  One pair of jeans still zip and button but when I sit for a while they kind o.  My shirts were just too short and I don't think a stomach that hangs out the bottom of a shirt is flattering on anyone.  So the good thing about Pea in the Pod is they have designer jeans that fit humans that are smaller than a size 8... the bad news is of course that comes at a price.  The jeans were super expensive but I ended up getting a bunch of shirts on clearance so that helped out.  The before discounts total is disgusting... whyyyy does it cost so much.

I headed to my design studio appointment from there.  I was in a hunger rage but there was no time to stop.  After I made a big deal about these people never getting back to me and not being able to send me any samples remotely close to what I wanted I wasn't about to roll in late with a burger in my hand.  We switched from hickory to birch wood and had to pick a completely different color.  Their dark wood was almost black and it was so flat and had no variation or visible texture.  The color I picked is lighter on the light shades but I'd say just as dark on the dark parts.  It's a cooler tone and will probably look completely different than what we have now.  I'm nervous only because I'll be comparing to what we had.  If we were building I would be 100% confidant in my choice.  It took us about 6 seconds to pick out our stain when we were building. I know I like it- I'll just have to get used to a change.

I brought a chunk of our current floor that fell apart with me to compare.

We stopped at Wendy's on the way home and got home just in time to go walk and get Quinn.  I packed up some snacks and water in the Snackeez and we headed out for a long walk after school.

We got home and couldn't head in quite yet- it was just too nice out!

Half day tomorrow and then we are taking off for the long weekend!  Going to be a fun few days with friends for sure.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lunch and AWANA

Halfway through the week!

Tanna and I made plans to take the littles and go to lunch today.  
Let's just say amen to friends who 'get' you... yes?

 Madden was wiped out from running like a maniac with Cerly and Audree
He took a nice nap and I had to wake him up to go get Quinn at school.
He may be sleeping in a queen sized bed but he's still my tiny tiny!

Sports night for AWANA.
Still supporting those Bears...