Friday, May 22, 2015

TGIF for real... TG!

Oh the weekend!

I didn't accomplish much of anything today because I was so.tired.  SO.  Ellery was up for hours straight making noise and being the saddest girl in the world if I put her down.  I got back to sleep around 5 and then had to get up for school at 6:50.  Exhausting!  In the afternoon I got my act together and got the house cleaned up and the kids dressed.  Justin came home right at 3:20 as we were heading to get Quinn at school so I'm glad we weren't still in pajamas with breakfast dishes out! Then he'd really ask me what I do all day ;)

I thought Ellery looked so cute today- she never wears pants.

Look at him looking at her...

We headed out to drop off Justin's dry cleaning and he got a haircut while I sat in the car with a circus of kids. We had chocolate chip waffles for dinner (well the 3 of us that eat carbs and sugary goodness) so that was quick and easy and the kids were in bed right at 7. Tonight I am for sure going to bed early!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rain is the worst.

Posing on the porch in the rain rain rain!

My mom woke up "early" today so she could see Quinn off to school since they were leaving during the school day.  Since it was raining and we didn't walk or see any other human before showering and getting ready she rode to school to drop him off with us.  He was pretty excited.  I'm not sure I've ever gotten 'ready' for drop off other than brushing my teeth.

We just spent the morning inside since it was raining and cold and I am just so over it all!  Baseball is cancelled again as it was on Tuesday and we cancelled swim lessons because it is just too cold to be swimming in the rain.  We are now going to be making up the makeups of the makeups...

Madden is still obsessed with Ellery and asks to see her and touch her all the time.  He's so sweet and gentle with her- especially surprising since he is so rough and crazy with everything else in life!

After lunch Ellery had her pediatrician appointment.  Madden said he was going to stay home with my dad- and then we were walking out the door and he changed his mind.  I got him dressed quickly and we got there right at 12:40 on the dot.. I'm pretty sure once we got checked in and filled out all our 'I haven't been to Africa or gotten Ebola' paperwork we were late- but only by a minute or two!

Dr Mann said she looked perfect and had the head control of a 4 month old!

Madden fell asleep in the car so my mom and I drove through Sonic for a drink.  When we got home my parents packed up and got ready to go.  Madden wouldn't even walk them to the door.. he said he needed to watch his show.

My parents left and I headed to get Quinn at school.  When I got back he saw my mom left him a note that said there was a surprise in the freezer---

Sonic Milkshakes!!!

As you can see Madden was excited...

The boys are in bed and Justin is stillllll at work.  Hasn't seen the kids since Sunday.  Ridiculously long hours- especially considering he leaves at 4 to go to the gym before work.  He has a meeting at 2 tomorrow and said he is leaving right afterward.  Quinn will be SO excited to see him home when we get back from school pick up.  I am looking forward to a long weekend with all five us (and some more visitors) home at the same time!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

AWANA Awards

Halfway to the long weekend!

After school drop off my dad got back from Dallas and we got ready to bring lunch up to school to eat with Quinn.  Little Miss was a bit dirty so I gave her a quick bath.  She seems to really love the bath so I wish I could devote more time to sitting still with her but lately we've been pretty busy!  Maybe when she's a little older this summer we'll see if she likes the pool... I mean she has plenty of swimsuits.

Chick-fil-A at school!

I went to the city town hall to get Ellery's birth certificate.  My mom wanted to open her bank account when she gets home and I need a birth certificate AND birth number to do so. I had a whole discussion with the lady about how I needed to have a birth number on it.  When we got Quinn's from Bell County after he was born it didn't have a number.  We couldn't use it for anything and I had to order a new one online from the state.  She assured me that this was the correct one.  I paid and rushed back to the car.  Ellery was starting to fuss when I got out so I didn't want everyone to be held hostage with a screaming baby for too long.  We got home and I looked at it... no number!  I loaded Ellery back up and we went back.  I showed the lady and she said that it has a local file number that I can use and no one should give me trouble.  I said well I think it's misleading because it says birth number and then it is just blank.  She said no it has a local number in the other bottom corner... across the page.  Am I the only one who runs into these problems??  I had to come home and order another one online from the state $23 more dollars... You're welcome Texas.  Note to self- don't even bother with local offices from now on!

We had a dry spot in the afternoon after the birth certificate debacle so we brought Madden (Well technically we brought Ellery too but she didn't seem to notice where she was.) to the playground for a bit before getting Quinn.  Everything was wet but he didn't mind.

We had a rushed time after school getting dinner out of the way and being dressed in Sunday best for AWANA Awards!  I was getting Quinn dressed and Madden said he wanted to be fancy too so I got him a blazer out.  Justin was at work #surprise... but promised he would be here for Quinn's graduation and awards next week... promised!

I had a flash forward to high school graduation with him posing like this in cap and gown...

So proud of this sweetest boy!

Quinn got a Book 1 award for finishing the entire first year book!
He memorized 36 verses and all the books in order.

And just like that the school year is winding down.  I have loved this year.  He has done so well in his school, sports, and clubs.  I will be happy to have summer here- but I don't want him to grow up any quicker!  Number grades start in a few months and I'm sure those will go by in a blur.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Shopping, Rain, and Fancy Dinner

Peacefully sleeping when it's time to go to school.
Staying up for hours in the middle of the night is exhausting!

My mom and I had planned to go up to Nordstrom today to exchange the boys Natives but I changed my mind to just keep them.  They're a touch big but they'll grow into them.  I thought a stop at the little Fair Park Children's Aquarium would be fun on the way home so we just went up and did that anyway.  It's the perfect size for Madden and we don't have to spend hours and hours there.

Madden likes the smiling sting rays.  He says their face is on their neck.

We spent about 15 minutes here picking out the "real" Nemo, Dori, and Marlin.

We went to McAlister's for lunch and then to the outlets.  I finally was able to get the boys each two sets of swimsuits.... I almost had to put Madden's on to get out of there!  Storm of the century came through of course.  We waited in the Crazy 8 outlet for about 20 minutes before we just had to leave.  It was time to get Quinn at school and I couldn't leave him waiting there!

By the time we got home after waiting in the car line it wasn't even raining anymore.  Justin was working late (well- late by normal standards, regular by his) so we took the boys and met the girls at McDonald's for dinner.  With all the rain they needed to run some energy out inside!

H.o.t. M.e.s.s.