Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day of First Grade!

Here we go! First Day of First Grade!!!

If anyone is surprised I didn't have to wake the kids up.  I could hear them screaming and bouncing all over the place at 5 am.  It's going to be a long year if that keeps up!  Quinn was excited and ready to get back to school.  I am excited for him and I know he'll be great but it's like he grows a whole year all at once when he starts a new grade.  We had an elaborate breakfast yesterday so today was back to quick stuff- Eggo waffles and oatmeal!

Justin was already at work so it was just me with the little three.

This boy pushes me to my limits sometimes with his stubbornness and need to be right all.the.time
(Wonder where he gets that from...) But OH I love him so :)

Need a picture of the backpack to prove he's really going to school
I think we'll keep backpacks for two years.  It's still in great shape.

This shirt will prove just how much he grows each year until it actually fits him!

Kindergarten & 1st Grade

 2027 will be here before I know it... 

Best buds

First graders back to routine and a freshly minted kindergartener

Mrs Rodriguez and Quinn

At his seat- Welcome to 1st Grade

We dropped Quinn off and waited at home for 7.5 hours to go get him.  Madden called out for him and asked if it was time to go get him yet approximately 59 times.  He usually asks for lunch everyday by 8:15 so we'll see how this year goes.  He will be in preschool two days a week in two weeks so that should help him.

We went to pick him up.  Luckily it was 100 degrees and everyone was sweating and rushing the door to see their kid first.  I saw his little blonde head come running out.  He said he had a great day!  I took some pictures of him by the school sign at the front of the school and with all various groups of friends.

We came home and went through all of his papers and I did my "homework" filling out forms while we all toasted with some chipwiches.

Ellery can't eat anything but she didn't want to miss out on the fun.

And now we get to do it all again tomorrow... and the day after that... and so on.
Here's to a new year!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Night Before

Happy Sunday

Tonight was the first school night of the year.  The summer is officially over and it has flown by.  I can't believe Ellery is already four months, Quinn starts first grade tomorrow, and Madden starts pre-k in a few weeks!  Every year before the first day of school we go out to get ice cream.  Ice cream bookends our summer vacation.  We start off with our ice cream sundae breakfast on the first day of summer vacation and end the day with ice cream after dinner on the last night of summer vacation.

We got home and it was time for the school night routine- showers, teeth brushed, clothes laid out, lunch packed, and early bed!  Quinn got a special envelope at meet the teacher night that we got to look at.

Quinn read this whole letter to us and then looked up and said-
Well that's a silly lie.

I know he is ready and will have a great year...
But am I ready?????

FOUR Months!

Ellery Catherine you are FOUR months old!

  • Your doctor appointment is Tuesday so I will update your stats after that... you are definitely growing!  You wear size 2 diaper, and mostly size 3-6 month clothing!  A lot of your clothes are dresses so they fit you much longer than your one piece pajamas do.  I even bought you two pairs of 6 month pajamas this week.  For all the clothes you have somehow you had zero pairs of 6 month pajamas! You haven't worn any shoes yet but I have quite the collection waiting for you!
  • You sleep wonderfully!  You get cranky each night around 7:30 and are usually out for the night by 8:30.  This will be a good schedule on school nights without activities when the boys are in bed by 7:30 and should be a disaster on AWANA and baseball nights :)  You usually nap one big long nap in the afternoon and two quicker ones in the morning.  One right after you wake up to eat at 6:30 and then another around 10.
  • You like your sleep sheep and your paci to sleep.  Whenever I hear you tossing and turning I just feel around for your paci, stick it back in your mouth, and turn your sheep on.
  • You love soft things.  You always like to rub your little lamb lovie on your face.  I think it's sweet that it calms you down right away.
  • You still sleep in the pack and play in our room.  I could probably put you upstairs but it's super easy to have you right next to me.  Your bedroom is so far and that's a lot of walking!  Once you can put your paci back in by yourself we should be good to go!
  • You used to be silent but now you like to babble and coo.  Sometimes it sounds like you're saying hello.  I'll just believe that it's not babble and you are a genius!
  • You don't love the car.  You can tolerate it ok some of the time but if any one thing is bothering you- tired, no paci, dirty diaper, the car becomes torture and you scream your head off.  I feel bad for you because this is really the only time you cry a lot.
  • You are starting to notice toys and reach for things.  You have a little soft baby doll and it just about does me in when you hold it and rub your face on it.
  • You still can't roll over.  Well you can roll from your back completely onto your stomach but you can't pull your arm under so I don't count it.  You'll learn eventually.
  • You LOVE your brothers.  Any time they talk to you or sing to you you have the biggest smile.  The same with your mommy and daddy... You just are a loving happy girl!  I like that you're social.  When someone says you're a pretty girl and talks to you you always smile back.
  • You like football!  Preseason has started and you will sit on the couch with your daddy and just stare at the TV.  I am convinced that you just like the colors and the movement but your daddy says you just love football.  Time will tell.
  • You still like the water- pool or bathtub.  I can't wait to see you next year toddling around and using a little puddle jumper.
  • You like sitting up in your Bumbo chair.  You like to watch all the wildness going on around you.
  • You still like your swing but our swing downstairs (where you usually are) has no shoulder straps and sometimes you flop to the side.  We may have to swap it for the upstairs swing.
  • Your head has a flat spot on the back... I had an obsession with it for a few days but everyone tells me it looks fine.  I have been trying to keep you sitting up more in your Bumbo or laying you with your head to the side.
  • Both of your brothers will go to school now.  Quinn starts tomorrow!  We will get some girl time for shopping and lunching.  Quinn said that on Tuesdays and Thursdays when people see us out they won't think I have any "boy children"  - That makes me sad but I like that with your age spacing everyone got some one on one time!  Quinn had two years before Madden was born.  Then Madden got two days a week while Quinn was in Pre-K and 5 days a week last year for Kindergarten.   Now you'll get two days a week this year!  
  • Oh tiny baby girl time needs to slow down!  Last month I couldn't believe that 1/4 of your first year was already done.  Move forward one month and that jumps up to 1/3!  You are no longer a sleepy tiny newborn and you are interact more and more every day!  I'm sad to leave the newborn stages behind but I can't wait to see your smily happy self grow!