Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day!

Sunny Monday!

Spring starts in March and today is the extra very last day of February.  It's almost time!  We spent most of the day outside.

Baseball Practice!

After baseball mess.. bags, gear, dry cleaning... Sometimes I need more hands :)

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Baby Shower

Sunday Sweeties :)

Can't believe how big she's getting :)

After church the boys got into some soft clothes and Quinn got on the computer to read some stuff about space.  He loves researching things.. space, animals, geography... he just loves to learn.

This afternoon I walked over to Courtney's shower for Baby Berkley!  She is so excited to have a little girl.

She picked a name last week so I was able to order something quick with her name on it.
And I got her some Laura Dare and Matilda Jane... must haves!

After baby showers and baby's nap we went to Kroger.  Ellery saw her snacks and tried to eat them through the package.

When we got home the kids were outside so the boys begged to go out.  Can't resist a sunny day so out we went!

Now we are getting ready to start another week!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Baseball Gear

This morning Madden had his very first t ball practice!  Courtney and I requested Jagger and Madden be on the same team.  At first they got put on a team for kids a year older.  It was a disaster to get it worked out but now they are on the correct team with 4 year olds.  Jagger won't even be 4 for another 6 weeks!  Madden did great.  He got up to bat the very first time and he killed it :)

Baseball Ready...
Justin's baseball ready is a Venti in hand...

After practice I had to do a long run.  10 miles.  It was kind of boring but at least it was pretty out!

After I ran I showered and we headed out to get the boys baseball stuff for this season.  Madden got a bat and glove for Christmas so he just needed uniform stuff and a helmet.  We got Quinn a new bag- a backpack style one that he can carry himself- and Madden will use Quinn's other one.

We went to dinner and everyone was pretty happy to eat.  I was starving!  I think Ellery was just happy to be with her daddy!

And eat celery.

Love the weekends!!!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Half Day!

The weekend! And the SUN!

When I was getting ready this morning Madden was documenting everything.  He loves taking pictures.

I ordered new running shoes.  I had been wearing Nike Frees... and while I love them for wearing around they are not the best for running... Especially because my foot is damaged and I'm not supposed to really be running at all anyway.  Madden said MOM! We both have fast shoes.

Madden, Audree, and Heath stayed at Tannas and Tanna and I headed out to run.  She did some sprints and I did a 6 mile loop with Ellery.

Glimpses of spring!

I think the fleece suit was overkill...

The big kids had a half day today so we got Quinn before lunch!

Then we took the kids to McDonald's for lunch.  They love it so much.
I wish Chick had a bigger play place!

Oh miss Audree Ann

After we got back from lunch we played outside the rest of the day!

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Oh hello middle of the night.  Thankfully she laid herself back down pretty quickly!

Pajama Day for Quinn

I hate pajama days.  Why is that even a thing???
Clearly Quinn doesn't share my feelings.

After drop off Melissa and I met at Tannas to get our summer scheduled.  I picked up breakfast at Panera for us.  We got our calendars set for June, July, and August!  We worked around birthdays, camps, and vacations so we could pick days for parties, water park, swim playdates...  Lots to look forward to.  We still have a while to go but we are getting excited.

Kissing her reflection on the bottom of the stool

Littlest loves!

Melissa getting her baby fix.  I think they love her as much as she loves them!

No sports going on this week.. rain rain rain!  Hopefully we get some good weather soon!

Now I am ready for bed... buttttt
We are struggling...

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Inside Wednesday

Halfway there!

It was cold and I was unmotivated today so we stayed in!  Madden made a rocketship out of a box and that kept him entertained for a while.

We went to get Quinn at school and Ellery brought a spoon.

This afternoon she just could not deal.

Worst Awana mom. Doing our homework in the car.

While the boys were at Awana I got sister all cleaned up and ready for bed!
She doesn't like Awana nights because she just wants to go to bed!