Sunday, June 28, 2015

A few quick things-

I have everything saved in folders that I need to go through and will be updating little by little from the last month- it's all there I just have to get it published.  We are all doing great- just busy as you can imagine!

I am going to have to turn on the little captcha thing to stop spam comments.  Some days I get 30 comments of nonsense.  I know it's annoying and I don't know what suddenly changed but it's driving me crazy!

If you add me on instagram and I don't know you in real life please leave me a comment or something letting me know!  Sometimes I get requests from people with no pictures or profiles and I don't know if they're real/normal people :)

Posts coming up!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Summer Ice Cream Party!

Annual first day of summer vacation ice cream sundae breakfast!!!

Justin's parents were supposed to fly in today but they ended up not being able to come last minute.  I was glad I had something fun planned for the boys for this morning because we needed to figure out something exciting/distracting for them to do!  After our ice cream and silly string party the boys had their last swim lesson.  Dis-as-ter.  We left and I was very much in a rage.  Quinn refused to do anything and Madden was in a mood and pretty much refused to even get in the pool.  I told them that there would be no puddle jumpers this summer.  If they want to go in the pool they can stay in the shallow end or figure out how to swim.  If I just let them wear the puddle jumper forever they'd never even try to learn.  After we got home Madden put on a nice sweatshirt and ate his lunch outside in the inferno that is June in Texas.

These two took a nap.

We went out to run a few errands and Madden cried that he was too cold and needed a blanket.  Three year olds.

For temperature reference:

At least we went to frigid Kroger so his long sleeves made sense in one location.
Reading books by the front door while we wait for Justin to check out.

I bought this Bestever Mary Meyer baby mat back in like February because I thought it was cute and it matched with Ellery's room.  I wondered if I would ever lay her on it because it has zero entertainment value.  I'm glad I got it though- beside the cute factor she is always pretty content on it.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Last Day of School!!!

Today was the last day of kindergarten!!! I was sad because the year went so quickly and now I will have a big first grader in my house.  I will be happy for visitors and after that to get our lazy summer days... if that ever happens!  Justin's parents are coming tomorrow, Karin and the kids are coming on Wednesday, and Sean, Rachel and the kids are coming after that!  Sprinkle Father's Day and my birthday into the mix...  Going to be a busy June!

This morning we got the cookies for Quinn's teacher packaged up.  I was all annoyed at first when I realized I didn't have a single box or bag big enough so I just made a couple of small packages.

I got Ellery dressed and she couldn't believe it was the last day either! 
She's never been around for summer yet so she doesn't understand the greatness!

Summer? What?!

Because who doesn't love a good comparison!

Heading in for their last day!

Quinn's teacher emailed me this picture.  He made a poster with all the words to one of their songs from their awards day.  Sing this to the tune of Sesame Street (and go down the first page and then start at the top of the second page...)- Kinder days, where learnin's a-ok, on my way to where great grades are made, can you tell me how to get, how to get to first grade.  (Next page) Kinder days, everything's a-ok, teachers, kids, and friends, that's where we meet. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to first grade, on our way to first grade, first grade.  The head kinder teacher who wrote all the songs cried and said she was going to have it laminated and hang it in her classroom.  He has had SUCH a great year in kinder and we could have not asked for a better group of teachers!

It was only a half day so we didn't have a very long wait after we got through the morning.  Around noon we made our last walk to pickup!  Madden had a cute matching red/white/blue outfit on too but I was lame and forgot to take a picture of all 3 of them together.  We went into the nurse's office to pick up Quinn's epi pens and then walked home!  Officially summer vacation!

We had a little pizza and sprinkler party with the Cain's for lunch to celebrate the start of summer.  Nothing says classy like front porch Pizza Hut!  A bunch of other neighbors came over to join in the fun but my phone died by that point so I only got pictures of these four crazies.

After we were mostly melted we came inside.  The kids got changed and I got showered and ready to go to community group date night.  We dropped the kids (not Ellery) at Tanna's with a sitter and had dinner on the patio at Gloria's and ice cream at Coldstone. I didn't take any pictures because we were very busy feeding our faces and talking.  Love my people!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Field Day!

Field was supposed to be a couple of weeks ago but thanks to rain like none other it was moved to today.  Of course today was sunny but also approximately one billion degrees.

We got there when it started and got to watch the tug of war competition.  Quinn's class won a bunch of rounds and was crowned the kindergarten champion!

After we had already arrived at field day all the parents got a mass text saying that no other children were allowed.  During tug of war the principal started scouting out people with little kids and telling them they had to go home- well actually sending a messenger to tell them to go home.  We got asked by a messenger once to leave but we were changing stations at that point and I kind of just tried to hide the stroller the rest of the time... it worked well for a while :)  I hid in the shadows while they played a toss game and went on the bounce house and didn't get any good pictures of that.

Quinn and John

Madden hiding in the stroller with my phone while waiting for the kids to come to this station.

I got to sit in the courtyard for a few minutes while Quinn's class went inside to have a snack.
It was nice to just sit in the shade for a while :)

Hereeeeeee they come

They played a game on Monday for the class party that they did today too.  Drip drip drench is like duck duck goose.  They have a big sponge and move it over each kid's head to drip and then squeeze it to drench whoever they want to be the 'goose' if you will.  I was 0% surprised that Mya picked Quinn.

After drip drip drench they moved over to the parachute.  It was comical watching one teacher try to get 21 kindergarteners do the same thing at the same time.

Little jailbirds

After parachute they were heading inside to do some other games and eat lunch.  I would have definitely been spotted outside the building so I headed home to make Madden lunch.

Tonight we had swim lessons.. they went about as well as usual.  Lots of saying they are going to listen to the teacher and lots of refusing to do stuff once actually in the pool.  These lessons are wearing me out.

I'm thinking I should start little miss in swimming lessons ASAP so she never gets crazy about it!

Tomorrow is the LAST day of school.  Eeep.  Finished his first year of real school.  I can't believe it!