Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ellery Catherine's Garden Party

Today we celebrated Ellery's first birthday with all of her friends!  My parents flew in last night after we put her to bed.  I had been worried about the weather for today all week.  It would have been hard to move everything inside with the amount of people, tables and chairs we rented, oh and the bunnies- see below.  The rain has been relentless.  Today was perfect though!  I did as much prep as I could last night but of course there was a lot of running around and craziness this morning getting ready.  Having a party at the house is double the work but the parties at the house are always  my favorite!  Lots of friends, food, and fun for our girl.  We had such a good day.  Every time I looked around at all the people there celebrating with us it just made me so happy.  I build up a lot of expectation about the way the parties will look- custom outfit, the cakes, decorations, favors etc... but the best part was all the people there that love Ellery so much!  She is a lucky little girl!

The doorbell rang about 20 minutes before the party started.  Justin answered it and called in to me- uh there's a lady here saying something about a rabbit?  I guess I forgot to mention that 25 bunnies were coming to the party too!  The kids loved them and it was the perfect little garden theme activity.

We sang Happy Birthday and she loved it. She smiled and looked all around.
She for sure knew that it was her special day and we were singing to her!