Sunday, September 7, 2014


Pre Church Pictures

After church we headed to do some shopping.  The awkward hour or so between church and lunchtime is never productive at home so we took care of some of our errands.  We came home for lunch and now the boys are 'resting' giggling in Quinn's bed thinking I can't hear them.  After they 'wake up' it's time to put away all the toys they've left out and get geared up for yet another week of school.

Being super strange

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Football Game to Frozen Party

This morning was the first big game!  Justin missed it because he is in Chicago for the Bears game tomorrow... I would rather watch Quinn's game though!

Quick change at the fields- turns out they were the home team for today's game.
All the teams are technically the home team so I just picked one for pictures at the house.

Quinn got tackled 3 times... in flag football...
Once by a kid on his own team.

Strategizing with the assistant coach.

Good Game!
Quinn's team won.

We hurried right from the game over to Leah's birthday party.  We were about an hour and 20 minutes late but the boys jumped right on in.  They played and had lunch and a cupcake before it was blatantly obvious we had to leave for some much needed rest.  Happy 3rd Birthday Leah! We had fun at your 100 degree Frozen party!

Even through the net you can see the cupcake icing all over him.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Friday Friday

TGIF!  Now I am really grateful for the weekends!  Two carefree days a week goes so quickly when we're all on a M-F schedule.

Another day, another school pick up.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Floors, Freak Outs, and Football

This four day school week has been nice.  Only one more day to go!  I am just waiting for the weather to catch up with the school calendar and cool off a bit.  It has been 100 or just about every day this week.  Waiting outside for the boys to come out and walking home is pretty brutal.  Maybe by Christmas!

We didn't run today because I had to come home and clean up right from drop off.  I had another set of floor guys coming today and I didn't even think they'd be able to see the floor through all the dust and dog hair.  We also have had a miniature spider invasion apparently because I am constantly wiping down the baseboards and a million tiny spider webs keep forming.  Another perk of winter- no more creatures.  We are nearly set on a floor resolution so once I know exactly what's going on I'll post about that.

After the floor guys left I headed over to Tanna's.  We had a 'working lunch' and planned out their Disney trip!  I am so excited/jealous for them!  She doesn't want to be as scheduled (neurotic) as we were but I helped her focus on what they should aim to tackle and we got her tickets/hotel/fast pass + stuff all linked up.  It's a lot of prep work but Disney really does make everything so easy on you once it's done!  Tanna also hadn't had a Dr Pepper in 21 days!  We both share a love of a good Dr Pepper to make the day just feel a little better...  Well the dishwasher guy was there while we were talking all about how she hadn't had a 'drink' in 21 days and we were going to toast... He was staring at us... we clarified that she meant a Dr Pepper.  We both looked excellent- all dressed up with glam hair of course.  Nope.

When we had to go for school pick up time Madden lost his ever loving mind.  He was kicking and hitting and screaminggggggg.  Instead of judging me or helping me- Tanna just said wait I need to take some pictures of this... She sent them to me as I was riding home.  Sweet Friends <3 <3 <3

The lawn guys were definitely judging me.  I couldn't carry everything and put Madden down.
He laid on the lawn and continued his screaming until I had two free hands to shove him in his seat.

After school and a quick dinner we headed out for football practice.  The first game is this Saturday and I honestly don't know how that's going to go.  They seem to be getting a better idea of what to do but no one is ever opposing them.  I wonder if it's even going to resemble football come game time.

Quinn throwing with coach.