Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Recap!

2015! Can't believe it's over.  We had an amazing year!
Looking back to do this recap I can't believe how quickly it went.

In January....

  • We celebrated Christmas with my parents.
  • Wrigley turned six.
  • We went down to Georgetown and San Antonio to visit some of our favorite friends.

In February....
  • Quinn dressed like an old man for his 100th day of school.
  • and he showed off all of his schoolwork at open house!
  • We had a summery Valentine's Day!
  • I signed Madden up for school
  • Tanna and I started shopping for our new 'game changer' babies as she said!
  • We had a snow day... and another snow day!

In March....
  • Goodness another snow day!!! In March?!
  • We got our new car and Madden turned forward facing at 44 months old.
  • I got to see our sweet baby once more before she was born.. and then again the next day.
  • Quinn went on a field trip to UTA to see a play and played in his first baseball game!
  • Lauren came to visit.
  • I got spoiled with a clothes and bows shower for baby!

In April....
  • We had a cold and rainy Easter.
  • Took our annual bluebonnet pictures.
  • And our #1 day of the year- Ellery was born!  Her birth day was pretty much perfect!  We spent the rest of the month in new baby bliss.  Also these photos about made my life! Fresh 48 and Newborn.

In May....
  • The weather pretty much was extreme everyday.  We had flooding like you wouldn't believe and tornado and severe storm warnings nonstop.
  • Quinn had a field trip to the Perot Museum!
  • Ellery had her first bath in the bathtub.
  • Mother's Day was extra special with our new little girly.
  • My parents came to visit and meet Ellery!
  • I did Ellery's first monthly post!
  • Ellery met her future BFF Hadley!
  • Quinn cleaned up at his Kindergarten awards! But we couldn't finish out the year just yet because of all our snow days!

In June....
  • Summer is amazing. SO many fun things!
  • Quinn finally had his Field Day after rainapalooza the entire months of April and May.
  • Four Words: Last.Day.of.School!
  • We celebrated the first day of summer vacation with our annual ice cream sundae breakfast!
  • Boot camp started, we bought a fun surprise for the boys, and Quinn's baseball party!
  • Everyone's favorite week of the summer began- COUSINS
  • We celebrated our seventh anniversary.
  • VBS started and one of many many water park days!
  • Sean, Rachel, Penner, and Eden came to visit!
  • We celebrated Father's Day!
  • I turned 29 (Eeeee) and we celebrated that weekend.
  • Quinn went to his first day of Camp Thurman

In July....
  • We did lots of swimming and playing with friends!
  • We had a red, white, and blue day for the 4th of July!
  • We enjoyed Quinn's last day of being 5 and then celebrated his SIXTH birthday!
  • We found out that Quinn outgrew his peanut allergy!
  • Quinn and Madden had their birthday party!
  • We said goodbye to our little three year old and celebrated our BIG FOUR YEAR OLD!
  • Madden went to his very first VBS! Pretty sure they'd go all summer if they could.

In August....
  • Boot camp ended and the signs that summer was ending just kept coming...
  • We had a fun zoo day with our friends!
  • Lauren came to visit and meet Ellery!
  • Quinn had meet the teacher night for school and Heath Horton was born!
  • Quinn started FIRST grade!
  • Ellery got her first tooth!

In September....
  • Madden had his very first meet the teacher night!
  • We celebrated Hadley's first birthday!
  • Madden started Pre-K!!!
  • There was a lot of baseball played!
  • We started meeting for Tuesday Fun! Lots of running and lunching this year with friends!

In October....
  • We made our annual trip to the State Fair of Texas!
  • We celebrated Ellery's baby dedication at church.
  • My mom visited and we went to the Arboretum for some pumpkin pictures!
  • We went to San Antonio for Riley's baptism and first birthday!
  • Ellery somehow turned SIX months old and finished her first half year.
  • We went to Medieval Times and the kids had a blast!
  • We had a million activities to celebrate Halloween and then actual Halloween day!

In November....
  • Quinn lost his very first tooth!!
  • I got to meet little baby Aria and we took the boys to their first hockey game!
  • I ran half a race and we celebrated Thanksgiving!
  • We had more flooding and crazy rain just to continue the theme of the year and got ready for Christmas and wrote our Santa letters!

In December....

Thursday, December 31, 2015


New Years Eve!  We of course had zero wild and crazy plans! :)

Hanging out in bed in the morning.

We ran some errands and ate at Olive Garden.

I made my instagram public for approx 30 seconds so I could see my best nine!

Can't believe we're moving on from the year sweet baby was born!

Justin somehow promised the kids they could stay up until midnight!  I was about ready for bed at 8:30 but we persevered!

We watched the ball drop in Times Square...

And then had an hour to kill until it was actually midnight here!

Not as much of a celebration in Sundance Square but we'll take it!
Happy New Year!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Paint Party!

Today we celebrated Cerly's 5th birthday party at a paint place in town.  The kids all seemed to have a lot of fun and it was such a cute little party!

I started the day making her cupcakes! 

Carly loves Doc so we got her her very own Doc Cerly coat!

I think she was proud of it!

Tomorrow is the last day of 2015! What a year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Toy Organize

Sister buys her snacks wholesale.  Give me all the Puffs!!!

Justin worked a half day today.  When he was home we ran some errands today and played outside.  Most importantly we did a MAJOR toy purge and organization tonight to make room for all the Christmas presents.

Game closet = Disaster

Sorting- notice the huge trash/donate pile in the background.

Much better!

Monday, December 28, 2015


Today Justin went back to work and we had one more lazy day.  The kids are so happy to just play with their new stuff that there's no need to rush out!  We did a LOT last week and we still have a whole week of break left!

Drawing PJ Masks on Oslo

Forced relaxation time so I could watch something I wanted on the TV downstairs.

Except not... My computer went crazy and I got to spend two hours on the phone with Apple Care.

And Ellery ate puffs off the floor... 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Bedtime Babies

With all the craziness going on around us in the aftermath of the tornadoes we did not take our normal Sunday night routine for granted.  Bath/Showers, AFV, and sleep!