Monday, December 14, 2015

Favorite Things with Friends

Favorite first grader!

Last Monday drop off of 2015!
We have started using the car line in the morning.
It's cold and it doesn't take long.  We haven't used the afternoon carline all year!

Today I had a fun lunch planned with my friends.  I needed to pick up some things for that and for the boys' teachers so we went to the store at 7:40 am... mom life.

We were doing a 'favorite things' lunch with our Tuesday Fun group as our Christmas party.  We didn't meet on Tuesday because tomorrow is party day for the little kids.  We'll use ANY reason to get together and eat.. presents are a bonus!  We each packed up 5 bags with $10-$15 worth of things that we love... Nothing fancy or even necessarily something you'd ever give as a gift.. just everyday things that make your day better.  I picked these Downy unstoppables because they make my life.  Use them!  Like I need another reason to LOVE getting into bed at the end of the day... these make your sheets and clothes smell so good for so long.  That was a run on sentence.. I'm not fixing it.  I also got these chocolates because they are my favorite thing for sure.  Chocolate and laundry... sounds like life to me!


We went in a circle and all gave our gifts out to everyone.  Then we paired up for pictures.  

Ellery and Heath are each others' favorites for sure!


After school it was time for more lizards, snakes, and dirt..

Thankfully someone else had a chocolate favorite so I got to bring something good home to eat tonight!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Slow Sunday

I love a slow Sunday!

Trying to get baby to actually eat something.


After dinner I remembered Quinn's Flat Gingy project was due tomorrow... like Flat Stanley but for Christmas.  He had to take a picture with the Flat Gingy doing some kind of Christmastime tradition. Well it's due tomorrow on December 14 before any of our planned activities and we didn't get it until after our carriage ride and decorating.  We settled on 'watching the Army Navy game' as our activity.  We do it every December so it's a tradition- just not very christmassy.  I forgot to take a picture yesterday so before Quinn got in the shower I made him put his jersey back on and we faked it a little bit.. Oh well!

Sunday night bath and shower for all!


Here we go- LAST week of school for 2015!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Army Navy

We had high hopes but the game did not go our way... Next year! Go Army, Beat Navy!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Sheets

Percy delivered some new Christmas sheets this morning!


He had to copy some of them from flash cards but I am so proud of this boy!

While Quinn was at school I got the beds made up!

I also got some cookies bagged up for an order...

And then we went outside in short sleeves...

Justin came home from Vegas much later than expected because he missed his flight :/  We headed out way later than I wanted to and got groceries for Army Navy tomorrow.  We got Chick-fil-A for dinner at bedtime but we made it to the weekend so I'll call it a win!


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Snack Sneaker

Pre school smiles!!!

This one is not at all content to sit still!

We picked Audree up for school since Cerly was having her special American Girl Store day.  These two made funny faces and chanted gluteus maximus, phalanges, phalanges. the whole way.  

I had to run right from drop off to do some errands to get some cookie stuff and school party stuff.  Ellery was over it.  She loves to have her little soft sheep in her fingers and touching her face when she sleeps.

We got home and I took care of a few things and little miss took another little nap since her carseat snooze was insufficient.

Quinn came home with chocolate on his face.  I don't pack him chocolate for lunch... so I asked what he ate.  He said nothing.  I asked three times and then logged into his lunch account... well well well... Someone has been buying a dessert everyday!  We put a quick stop to that.

I always read things online about how kids don't play outside anymore... where are these kids???  My kids and all the neighbors are outside all the time.

I hate when Justin is gone.  The evening takes so long!  Once Ellery is asleep I usually clean up and watch TV out here until I'm falling asleep... then I go into bed and put Friends on Netflix!