Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Last Day Of Two!

Today is Madden's last day of being TWO! Tomorrow is his third birthday.  That is just incomprehensible to me.  How can my tiniest be three!?  He is just the sweetest most fun, lovable, little boy.  He always has us laughing.  I can't imagine life without this little comedian.  He has a fever today, but I got him dressed for these pictures and got him right back in his pajamas.  He was a good sport about it.  I hope he is better for tomorrow.

Who's birthday is it tomorrow?

Quinn played photographer for us.


Until Next Year

Well the day came... our cousins really left...


This boy is sick and so sad to see them go...


Monday, July 14, 2014

Perot Museum

Today we went downtown to the Perot Museum.  It ended up that the Children's Museum level didn't open until noon so we took a little driving tour of Highland Park and SMU and then at at Chick-fil-A in University Park.

The Perot Museum

This was pretty cool- you picked a creature or person and got to race them to the end.
The screen to the left showed the progress of whatever you picked.

The market is always a highlight...

Construction cousins

And just for comparison... 2010 The Kohl Children's Museum in (near) Chicago
Yes- Brendan still exists but he can't come on summer road trips because of football.

We left the museum at 4.  Madden fell asleep in the car on the way home.  When I got him out of his carseat he was burning up and white as a ghost.  I got him changed into a t shirt and put him a diaper on him to lay down.  I gave him Motrin which he instantly threw up .... all over my bed, of course.  I got him in the bath and put him at bed - and by bed I mean his mattress on my bathroom floor- where he has stayed all night.

We had some non storm of the century rain and the kids played outside until after 9.  They have been up super late every single night.  We have to squeeze in as much time together as possible!

Sweet boys!

They are all heading home tomorrow and I am hoping Madden feels better and it was just a fluke.  I have a babysitter coming for a boot camp girls dinner out.  Somehow I see myself winding up at home....