Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Family Pictures 2014

Obviously I am just getting around to organizing my life after months of laying on the couch.  Jamie did our family pictures in the beginning of October.  We had her take a special picture with the ultrasound of our new baby so we could use that as our reveal.  It was so much fun seeing everyone's comments and likes on facebook.  I'm just late getting around to all of that here!  I love every single picture and I could look at them over and over.

Wedding Pictures

I never posted any of the professional pictures from the wedding.  I know it's so far beyond the point where anyone would be interested but I don't think most people are interested in 99% of the stuff I write so I will post them for posterity's sake.  These are saved from a smaller file size so they're not photographer quality JPGs but that would take a year to upload and really no one has time for that.

The anticipation.....

Table Shot

Natural Fist Pumper